Going to Minneapolis

Saturday, 23 September 2017.

Tomorrow I leave for a week-long Opening Yoga workshop with Matthew Sanford in Minneapolis (Minnetonka) at his Mind-Body Solutions headquarters.

It was just as teachers from around the world were gathering at the IYCU for Lois’s annual Yoga Therapy Intensive.


At the studio after practice and before teaching the last class of the week, it was good to greet familiar faces, who wished me well on my travels and studies with Matthew Sanford, about whom everyone seemed to know. It was like being sent with blessings to visit the northern relatives.


I have been excited for a long time about this trip and feeling a sense of “calling” to the work of bringing the benefits of yoga to people with disabilities.
My inspirations are Angela, Mr. Ray, Richard, Peter, and Chris, people who have lived with various disabilities and have shared some part of their experiences with me.

Mr. Ray (who died of ALS a year ago August) actually was a student at the IYCU, and I had the privilege of working closely with him in the last months and weeks of his life. It was what convinced me that this was something I could, even should, and wanted to do.

As the time approaches I start to feel buzzes of doubt: will I really be able to do this? How will I apply what I learn? How many disabled people actually are interested in yoga in the first place? Should I try to convince them that it will do them good?

Such is the nature of venturing into new territory. Time to return to practice, open to the message I came to hear, and let the doubts fall away.


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